For ten years in a row, Hermi received the Excellent SME Slovenia certificate

For ten years in a row, Hermi received the Excellent SME Slovenia certificate

The Hermi company once again obtained and extended the Excellent SME Slovenia (Excellent Small and Medium Enterprises) certificate for the year 2022, issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in cooperation with the international credit rating agency Coface to medium-sized, small and micro companies with good credit scores.

We obtained the certificate for the first time in 2012 and have been renewing it successfully for ten consecutive years. This year, the company again met demanding criteria, such as annual turnover, the highest credit rating score of 10 and a positive credit report. The credit rating score is a result of a financial analysis of all company's operations; it also contains an assessment of payment morale and presentation of insolvency risk in the next 12 months. Hermi is a trusted partner that adheres to payment agreements, and continuously provides and produces high-quality products and services, thus maintaining the customers' trust.

"Re-obtaining the certificate is a confirmation and a reflection of 10 years of hard and persistent work. Since the company's inception 37 years ago, we have been striving for improvements in all areas. The certificate is also a recognition for past work and a very good incentive for achieving future business goals. It helps to increase the visibility of the Hermi brand and strengthens the company's international competitiveness", Miran Rauter, CEO, summarizes upon receiving the certificate.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia will also award the company Hermi with special "Crystal recognition" for the company’s uninterrupted decade of excellence and the highest credit rating of 10 at the official ceremony in August, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Excellent SME Slovenia Certificate project.

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