Cable trays and cable ladders

HERMI cable tray and cable ladder systems for permanent high-quality cable paths. Looking for fire-resistant cable trays? We have them too.

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Everything is possible

Cable trays and ladders can be used in any space regardless of curves, branches and bends. Laying cable paths has never been easier!

Top quality

You can choose from variety of different products made from high-quality stainless steel, galvanised or hot-dip galvanised sheet metal or lightweight aluminium.

Barely noticeable

Appearance matters both indoors and outdoors. Cable trays and ladders can also be powder-coated in the desired RAL colour. Full customisation is possible.

Suitable for even the most demanding of conditions

Our products are durable and resistant to the most demanding conditions, even outdoors and in humid areas.

Versatility and wide range of applications

We are aware that every client can have different requirements. The installation must therefore be quick, easy and efficient. Joints between the components should be flawless. You can choose from a variety cable trays of different widths, lengths and heights. We use materials that provide long-term durability and high resistance. We offer solutions that can be used in various industries for diverse and demanding conditions (food, paper or chemical industry, sewage treatment plants, computer systems, laboratories, biogas plants or facilities that require high standards of cleanliness and adequate fire safety). The mounting method must be selected according to the surface (walls or ceiling) to also account for curves, branches and bends.

A wide range of products allows you to install cable paths pretty much anywhere. Our constantly developing portfolio also features fire-resistant elements and our very own HERMI® Fast Joint connecting element, which enables faster joining without any bolts and tools, thus saving up to 40% of your time.

Versatility and wide range of applications

We verify quality at every step of the production process.

We test the quality of raw material before being used in the production. We thoroughly check the adequacy of each product, its durability and efficiency several times during and at the end of the production process.

Cable tray and ladder components

We offer a wide range of cable tray and ladder components, including connecting elements without additional galvanic connections, fire-resistant elements and protective accessories:

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