Mounting systems

Are you planning or installing a solar power plant? Check out our portfolio of mounting components for an easy and efficient installation of solar power plants.

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Easy installation

HERMI mounting systems offer an easy and efficient installation.

For all roof- and ground-mounted installations

We offer standard or custom-made construction solutions for ground-mounted installations as well.

High-quality materials

Profiles, hooks, hanger bolts and other mounting components are made of durable, high-quality and corrosion-resistant materials.

Long service life

Our products are sturdy and withstand tremendous loads, including snow and wind loads as well as aging.

Quality, durability and aesthetics – all in one

HERMI mounting systems offer many possibilities for a simple and efficient installation of solar power plants. The entire supporting structure consists of load-bearing profiles, fasteners for all types of roofs and roofing, and compatible joining and mounting elements. All components are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials.

Our products provide exceptional resistance to all weather conditions and mechanical loads. They are also easily adapted to uneven roof surfaces and many different types of roofing. They are designed to blend in with the rest of the roof, its shape and style making the mounting structure of the solar plant unobtrusive.

Mounting system components

We offer various mounting system components, including clamps and fasteners. State-of-the-art production and rigorous quality checks ensure the adequacy of each Hermi product. Our experts would be pleased to advise and assist you in choosing the right mounting system for your solar power plant.

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The HERMI team will be happy to advise you and help you find the most suitable solution for your situation. Let us know about your needs and wishes. 

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Project designers and contractors

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