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We encourage, guide and provide practical training to young individuals at the beginning of their career pathways. We offer in-house expert knowledge and skills, practical experience and financial support.

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The future depends on the young!

Hermi's human resources strategy relies primarily on young people. We provide scholarships to young aspiring individuals at all levels of education – primary, secondary and higher education. We also enable apprenticeships. In addition to internships and other practical training, we also offer opportunities for part-time student jobs or work during holidays under mentors' supervision.

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Corporate scholarships for various occupations

The key to success in a company is people. We believe that every employee, student, scholarship holder and external collaborator contributes to the company's progress with their expertise, experience and personal diversity. Depending on the activities and needs of the company, we support various job profiles with corporate scholarships.

Hermi operates in the segments of the metal industry, the electronics and the electrical industry. We often look for students within these industries. We encourage interest in many shortage occupations.

With the help of our internal experts and targeted approach, we help talented and motivated people reach their potential.

We have been providing scholarships to talented, dedicated and enthusiastic young people for more than 15 years.

Practical knowledge, modern technology and financial support

By providing scholarships to young people and their parents, we alleviate the financial burden of schooling and encourage interest in various professions. In addition to financial independence and stability, scholarship holders seek and appreciate the practical experience, access to knowledge, the possibility of using state-of-the-art equipment, skilled mentors etc. Technologies, tools and machines are also developing at an extraordinary speed hence we invest in the purchase of state-of-the-art machines and software every year.

We constantly strive to offer our scholarship holders enough challenges and opportunities for further development.

We enable work with the latest software and production equipment.

Well equipped for the first job

Our scholarship holders gain experience during studying. They get to know the work processes and co-workers and learn to manage and work with the latest software and machines. They are involved in concrete projects and development processes. They contribute both to the company's progress and the professional and personal growth of all involved.

By providing practical training, we encourage young adults to be independent and responsible and to have confidence in their future. When they start their first full-time job they can work independently and without supervision.

We offer corporate scholarships for many job profiles.

Sports scholarships and sponsorship

A healthy mind in a healthy body! The value has always been at the forefront of Hermi since its inception. By giving sports scholarships and sponsorship we support young athletes with similar values to ours: teamwork, creativity, self-discipline, competition, talent, achieving set goals, belonging, diligence, perseverance etc. Funding also alleviates the financial burden of the athletes and their parents.

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We always keep the promises given and everyone is welcome.

At HERMI, honesty is the key principle, which also means keeping our promises in order to fulfill the agreements made.
We value your opinion and provide equal employment opportunities. 

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Are you a high school or college student?

Young people are the key to the development of our human resources. In addition to internship and traineeship based on our needs, we also offer opportunities for student work or holiday work where you work with the support of your own mentor. You can get to know our work processes and working conditions more closely at the open days for students. We believe that we can evolve your enthusiasm into professionalism and welcome you to our team. That is why we have been giving out scholarships to young, committed individuals for many years.

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