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35 years of innovation you can trust

We are conquering your buildings! We have equipped more than 115,000 homes and business facilities with our products. Whether it's lightning and overvoltage protection, cable trays and ladders or comprehensive construction systems for solar power plants – we innovate to build a new Europe and a world tailored to your needs.

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comprehensive product portfolios that inspire.
3 and a half decades of experience, innovation and improvement.
2 main development directions: product enhancement and meeting market demands.
1 objective that is the staple of everything we do, including planning and consulting – so YOU get exactly what you want!

We create a better future

Our customers reflect everything we stand for. Their satisfaction is the result of the responsibility we demonstrate to them and to the environment. We maximise our efforts to meet the highest quality standards and efficiently use carefully selected materials. We strive for sustainable development and environmental protection. 

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HERMI's competitive advantages

We create a better future

Our customers reflect everything we stand for. Their satisfaction is the result of the responsibility we demonstrate to them and to the environment. We maximise our efforts to meet the highest quality standards and efficiently use carefully selected materials. We strive for sustainable development and environmental protection. 

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successfully completed projects worldwide.

HERMI's competitive advantages

A customised approach to each client 

Professional assistance and support all the way, from the inquiry and purchase to the installation. We will take an individual approach to the design of your system, advise you throughout the process and find the best solutions for you regardless of the scope of the project.

Reliability and trust

You can always count on the reliability and durability of our products. Our solutions comply with the strictest international standards. Hermi expert team is always available for advice and guidance.

Comprehensive solutions

What does a comprehensive solution mean to us? It is a visually perfected, long-lasting and durable solution made of high-quality materials supported by our top-of-the-line sales and technical support and rounded up with delivery as fast as a lightning.

Our own development and production

We constantly modernise our production lines to achieve the desired results faster and more efficiently. Our employees keep widening their horizons and upgrading their know-how since the average simply won’t cut it.

Our mission is to produce and offer better, more innovative, modern, durable and environmentally friendly products. We are setting new standards for the safety of life and property.

Many years of experience, always being open to new ideas and eagerly accepting new knowledge have taught us that the technology we use in the production of lightning and surge protection, cable trays and ladders as well as mounting solutions for solar power plants has no limits. The boundaries are just in our heads, everything else is achievable.


We strive to become a leading global manufacturer and provider of high-quality equipment for the protection of every home, business or any other facility.

We want to develop and offer sustainable products for future generations through innovation backed by more than thirty years of tradition and expertise.

We contribute to a cleaner and safer future by using durable and sustainable materials.


We will achieve the set goals and vision through our own competitive advantages as well as constant development of innovations and solutions for a comprehensive range of products. We will continue to provide the highest level of customer care, working together with our business partners and experts.

We will also continue to focus on contractors and investors who are aware of the importance of quality products for their facilities. We will keep looking for opportunities by expanding into new markets and strengthening our relationships in existing markets.


Proud of our 35 years of co-creation

Our past is the foundation on which be build a better future.

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Foundation of the workshop

Herman Rauter decides to make electrical installations his core business. He found out how poorly installed and maintained lightning protection systems were through a number of electrical measurements.

New materials for imperceptible lightning protection

Continuous growth of the operations, which made it possible to meet the market demand, as well as the development and introduction of higher quality non-corrodible materials as a new, exciting trend in lightning protection. HERMI is on the fast track to establishing itself as a manufacturer of lightning protection components that are imperceptible on roofs and facades.

Expansion of the lightning protection range of products and a new location

The company expands its range of lightning protection products and also offers design and professional consulting to increasingly demanding customers. Production capacities become too small so the entire company moves from Velenje to Celje.

Investments in production facilities and design development

The company expands the existing facility to be able to upgrade its production facilities. The management connects with specialists and software developers to upgrade its design services. The new software tool SHIELD comes to life, allowing customers to plan lightning and surge protection faster and better.

Transformation, new management and entry into foreign markets

The company is transformed into a limited liability company. That same year, the long-time director and owner Herman Rauter leaves the management of the company to his son Miran Rauter, who had spent many years learning from his father and had got to thoroughly know the markets, operations and company’s business. The company also seized opportunities in expanding to foreign markets by opening its business unit in Croatia and a year later in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Growth of sales, entry into the Serbian market

Due to a significant upward trend of new orders and an increase in demand the company invests in a new business facility, making it easier to advise customers and utilise additional storage capacity. The company also establishes a new business unit in Serbia.

Hermi® surge protection and new markets

The launch of the Hermi® surge protection product range marks a new milestone in the company's development. Customers can pick from all the highest quality external and internal lightning protection elements in one place. That same year, the operations are expanded with an active breakthrough into new markets: Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Russia.

Production modernisation and international certificates

The company modernises and automates the entire production and plants as much as possible, and invests in the development of new products in accordance with national, European and international standards. All the company's products successfully pass many tests to obtain the strictest certificates.

New business and production facilities in Slovenia and in Croatia

The company can meet its production plans in the face of the growing demands of individual markets due to the construction of two completely new business and production facilities in Celje and near Zagreb.

Entering the Austrian and Hungarian markets, projects in the Middle East

In addition to establishing a subsidiary in Romania, the company also enters the Austrian and Hungarian markets. Successfully implemented projects in Saudi Arabia as an example of good practice create new opportunities for selling products and services in other Middle Eastern countries as well.

Recipient of a reputable award

Even after 30 years, the operations are growing with the speed of light thanks to the growth of sales in foreign markets as well as to innovation, technical support and environmentally friendly products. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia therefore present the director Miran Rauter an award for outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements for 2015.

New production technologies in Slovenia

The company builds a new facility in Celje due to the growing production and numerous technological improvements of production lines.

Upward trend in other European markets

A subsidiary is established in Austria on the foundations of the company’s innovativeness and success in other European markets, especially when it comes to planning and design. It allows HERMI to cover the German and Swiss markets better and more easily.

High-tech upgrade of the production automation

The production automation process continues with investments in new, technologically advanced production lines at the new location in Celje.


We are focussed on the continuous development of each of our four programmes to offer comprehensive solutions under one roof. We eagerly look towards the future with optimism – we carefully enter new markets to never lose sight of what we strive for: to go the extra mile, beyond the expectations of our customers, while maintaining the high satisfaction of existing and new customers.

Standout references

We consistently strive to meet or exceed our comprehensive quality standards. We keep looking for new ideas and approaches to develop innovative solutions because our partners deserve only the best.

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Meet the team

All of us pave the way to customer satisfaction with dedication, hard work, innovation and professionalism as the driving force of the company’s progress. Do not hesitate to get to know us.

Katarina Kumerc

Sales specialist

Saša Stojnić

Market Business Developer

Simon Stvarnik

Head of Sales

Miran Rauter


Janez Podlipnik

Head of Engineering

Damjan Kocjanc

Head of Production

Klara Kosednar

Purchase Department

Janko Esih

Purchase Department

Michelle Stvarnik

Logistics Department

Tilen Jurgec

Accounting and finance

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Herman Rauter s.p. 1985 – 1997, HERMI Rauter in ostali d.n.o. 1997 - 2002
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