Sustainability is a part of our culture

We are aware of the impact we have on the environment and climate, society and the economy. Our goals cover all aspects of sustainability, so we act responsibly and cautiously. Everyone at Hermi represents a piece in the mosaic of a better tomorrow: by caring for health and the environment, economy and, last but not least, co-creating a society that equally includes everyone.

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Sustainable development is more important than ever

HERMI never loses sight of sustainable development when it comes to environmental protection (reduced energy consumption, use of clean energy and renewable resources), strategic integration into the economy (digitalisation and the entire production chain to create added value with emphasis on the regional and local development), and social responsibility (intergenerational equality and solidarity, gender equality and decent work).

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8 x for the environment,
8 x for the economy, 
8 x for the society

3 times 8 times

8 x for the environment,
8 x for the economy, 
8 x for the society

Our environmental aspects relate to:

  1. using renewable raw materials and sustainable materials that are less harmful to the environment (aluminum, copper, steel);
  2. utilising renewable energy sources (solar power plants) and reducing the energy consumption as well as the consumption of other resources such as water, paper and plastics;
  3. economical use of packaging (maximum possible utilisation of boxes, pallets and cargo capacities during transport);
  4. recycling sites on company premises, thorough waste separation and all-around waste reduction;
  5. complete readiness to deal with emergencies and natural disasters (including assistance to others);
  6. implementation of safe and environmentally friendly business processes under full responsibility and high ethical principles;
  7. education and active participation of all stakeholders (from suppliers to customers and employees) when it comes to environmental issues; and
  8. raising awareness of human and increasing our capabilities to mitigate climate change.

We do not use plastic bottles or plastic cups in meetings and at work. We strive to reduce the consumption of paper and printing ink day by day by introducing completely paperless operations. Caring for the environment is an integral part of our image and the operations in our company.

With the environment in mind…

HERMI is the recipient of the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard certificate.

Our economic aspects revolve around:

  1. supporting local raw materials and locally produced food when providing meals;
  2. a technologically advanced production infrastructure;
  3. supporting domestic technological development and digitalisation;
  4. a better availability of information and communication technology;
  5. co-creating economic growth by influencing the entire production chain to produce added value;
  6. investments in infrastructural development, both domestically and abroad;
  7. the cooperation with Slovenian and international institutions every step of the way; and
  8. trainings, presentations and other forms of sharing knowledge and experience in schools, colleges or at business meetings with partners or the general public.

Did you know…

Our unconditional commitment to sustainability also means keeping our production and development in Slovenia.

Our social aspects focus on:

  1. increasing the share of employees in the industry by introducing mandatory traineeship and a systematic approach to attracting young people to various professions in our industry among others;
  2. scholarships for the young and employment of prospect candidates;
  3. gender equality and ensuring equal employment opportunities;
  4. elimination of all forms of discrimination regardless of race, religious affiliation, sexuality or the socio-economic status of individuals;
  5. a safe and secure working environment for all employees, also by taking care of their health;
  6. a greater involvement of people with disabilities in the work process (integration);
  7. regular education of both the general public and the employees that exceeds the legal requirements; and
  8. numerous donations, disaster relief and sponsorship of individuals, associations and other organisations (firefighting and sports associations, athletes, Mountain Rescue Service of Slovenia).

These aspects are enrooted deep within. We are always committed to the core values of the company’s founder: an honest attitude to work and keeping the promises we make while making reasonable decisions, providing regular and decent pay, ensuring mutual respect and supporting young people.

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