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Quality protection of electrical devices, electrical installations and data lines. Your investment in protecting electrical equipment that always pays off.

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For the protection of electric and electronic devices

Surge protection protects electrical and electronic devices, computer networks and data lines in the event of surges.

Perfect and coordinated protection

Installation in the main distributor, installation in the floor distributor and installation in individual devices. The protection of telecommunication lines must also be considered for an adequate level of safety.

Protection against all kinds of voltage surges

Top protection against direct or indirect lightning strikes and in the event of voltage surges due to switching processes that constantly occur in the network. Surges are the most common cause of damage to electrical and electronic devices.

High-quality materials

Our products have been tested thoroughly. They consist of materials that provide protection even at the highest voltage surges (direct lightning strike).

Effective protection

Surge protection differs in the current capacity, current discharge and voltage protection level therefore it is divided into three classes. Since currents can reach up to 200,000A, only one – usually the third – level of protection is completely insufficient. The use of various electrical extension cords with built-in surge protection provides a current discharge capacity of up to 6,000A, which is 33 times too little. Therefore, the surge protection system is easily destroyed in the event of a serious load together with the device it protects.

Do not leave your electrical appliances and installations to chance! A four-stage process is all you need to get a high-quality surge protection of power supply systems and equipment up to 1,000V. Of course we will also take care of a wide range of devices for the protection of IT systems and equipotential bonding equipment.

Looking for the protection of photovoltaic systems to eliminate transient voltage generated during atmospheric discharges or switching processes? Look no further as we offer high-quality components you are looking for.

Surge protection elements

We offer various surge protection components for power supply systems and equipment up to 1,000V, photovoltaic systems, IT systems and equipotential bonding:

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