Lightning protection

The lightning protection system protects the facility against a direct lightning strike. Only adequately arranged lightning conductors and components will be able discharge the lightning current in the event of a direct lightning strike.

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You can successfully protect the building from mechanical damage or fire by installing a lightning protection system.

Effective protection against direct lightning strikes

Properly installed high-quality lightning protection components reliably discharge the current in the event of a direct lightning strike. They ensure complete protection of your facility and the property in it.

A good design is crucial for a lightning protection system

It is of utmost importance to thoroughly plan the entire system, from the analysis of the environment, the suitability of the facility all the way to the installation design. Proper earthing and choosing the right materials are also crucial.

An almost imperceptible (but effective) product

We put a lot of emphasis on the way our products look when the installation is finished. We make sure through proper planning and customised fasteners that the lightning protection system is pretty much imperceptible.

Centuries of experience for know-how, you can rely on

People have been accumulating the knowledge how to protect themselves and the property against lightning strikes for centuries. We use it to further develop and implement reliable protection against direct lightning strikes. Our team of experts uses modern approaches to solving even the most complex and challenging projects.

Reliable protection

Electric currents that occur during a lightning strike are extremely high (they can even exceed 200,000A). Such an immense current can easily ignite a fire or cause direct damage to the building.

Since lightning strikes are actually electric currents, lightning conductors will provide an effective protection wherever such a strike could be expected. A lightning protection system is a set of lightning protection that must be adequately placed and correctly dimensioned. That is the only solution for discharging the current reliably and quickly into the ground. An extensive development, production and sales of sustainable products are leading us toward a new era of safety and connectivity between people, technologies and living spaces. Expert knowledge, continuous improvements and development of new products as well as state-of-the-art production facility have enabled us to develop and offer sustainable products for more than 30 years.

Always leave the installation to professionals! Why?

  • They are thoroughly familiar with all the standards and regulations in the field of lightning protection.
  • Due to their knowledge and many years of experience, they will always know where and how to install a lightning protection system on the facility.
  • A system planned by experts will often be more affordable since you will be offered the most optimal solution without installing redundant lightning protection components.

Don't risk a lightning strike! Make sure the building is adequately protected to prevent mechanical damage or even fire.

SHIELD software

We have developed the SHIELD software to help the project designers design a more efficient, faster and higher-quality lightning and surge protection installation.

More about the SHIELD software

Lightning protection components

We offer various lightning protection components that are customised for each facility, roofing type and/or building materials:

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