Sliver Regional Innovation Award for Hermi Fast Klick Cable Trays

Sliver Regional Innovation Award for Hermi Fast Klick Cable Trays

We received a silver regional innovation award for the Best innovations of the Celje region 2022 contest for the Hermi Fast Klick cable tray series. We are honoured that after last year’s golden innovation award for the Hermi Fast Joint connecting element the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Slovenia once again recognised the innovativeness of the company Hermi and its products. We are grateful to our entire R&D team led by innovators Janez Podlipnik, Boštjan Stvarnik and Matic Jošt.

The Hermi Fast Klick cable trays are compatible with standard Hermi connection and supporting components. In the case of cutting a Fast Klick cable tray, the cut try can be joined with another tray using the Hermi Fast Joint connection element. The cable trays are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, for smaller commercial projects or larger industrial halls, and are adequate to be used in various industries.

Hermi Fast Klick system allows time saving as bolts are not required to join the cable trays. It connects to the next cable tray with a simple klick and is locked with a special element. These cable trays can be reassembled and disassembled several times and subsequently locked. Also, mechanical damage that could occur during transport or careless handling does not affect the quality of the joint. The joint is of such high quality that the smooth interior prevents damage to the cables.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! We are proud and excited that our work and passion are recognized. We will keep improving and pursuing our knowledge.

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