Introducing Hermi Multi Flat – A universal solar mounting solution for flat roofs!

Introducing Hermi Multi Flat – A universal solar mounting solution for flat roofs!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Hermi Multi Flat mounting solution designed for flat roofs with inclinations up to 5°. Its modular design provides flexibility for multiple roofing types, including gravel, bitumen shingles, polymer foil roofing, and trapezoid sheet metal roofing. Our solution enables landscape PV module orientation with incline angles of 10° or 15° and supports both the south and east-west orientation of PV modules, making it ideal both for residential and industrial buildings.

The Hermi Multi Flat mounting solution features an innovative Hermi SOL-N41 front fastener and Hermi SOL-N42 back fastener, and a newly designed Hermi SOL-P40 mounting rail with a T-bolt compatible groove for quick and easy positioning and fastening of the front and back fasteners. An easy-to-assemble design requires only basic tools. Our specially developed Hermi SOL-PRL multi-purpose polymer padding on one side enables protection of the roof and allows additional ballasting of the entire installation on the other side.

The Hermi Multi Flat solution is compatible with the majority of PV module dimensions. An innovative ballasting and wind protection system make it a cost-optimized mounting solution that provides both efficiency and durability.

The distribution of cables and cable trays is also stress-free, as they can be routed at the same time as the installation of the Hermi Multi Flat system or later when fastening the PV modules.

The mounting solution is corrosion-resistant with a long lifespan, ensuring low maintenance and high-quality performance.

We are confident that our solution will set a new standard for solar mounting on flat roofs. Together with your and our activities and smartly driven technological innovations, we are contributing to sustainable development and the transition to a carbon-free society.

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