Hermi exhibiting at Ipar Napjai in Hungary for the first time

Hermi exhibiting at Ipar Napjai in Hungary for the first time

Hermi, the leading European producer of lightning and surge protection components, cable trays and ladders, and mounting solutions for PV plants is excited to announce its first-ever exhibition at the Ipar Napjai fair in Budapest. In partnership with the trusted Hungarian distributor, AmperTrade.hu, Hermi is all set to showcase its top-of-the-line Hermi products that highlight sustainability and innovation. The exhibition will be held from May 16 to 19, 2023, at the Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

Come visit us at Hall A, exhibition space 104C2, to witness the latest Hermi products. We are thrilled to showcase our Hermi Fast Klick cable trays - a technological breakthrough product that enables faster and easier interconnecting between trays without the use of bolts and tools, which saves time and effort during the assembly of the cable path. Additionally, we are proud to present the Hermi lightning protection systems, which protect both people and property from the impact of lightning strikes.

At the fair, we will feature a demonstration house with a display of Hermi lightning protection, allowing visitors to understand the most suitable protection based on the roofing type and materials used in the building. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with our experts and learn why it's essential to install surge protection as well. Our Hermi representatives and local representatives of AmperTrade.hu will be available to answer all your questions, guide you through the products and help you make the right decision.

At Hermi, we prioritize producing innovative products that cater to customer needs and serve the purpose of use. Hence, we're delighted to collaborate with AmperTrade.hu, enabling us to bring our products closer to our Hungarian customers.

We will showcase all four sales programs at the Ipar Napjai fair: lightning and surge protection, cable trays and ladders, and mounting structures for solar power plants.

Join us at the Ipar Napjai fair, in Budapest, and experience the future of the electrical industry with Hermi's innovative and sustainable products!

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