Mesh cable trays

Mesh cable trays

The food industry prioritizes food hygiene, safety, and quality. One challenge is dealing with condensation, dust, and particles in the room. Mesh cable trays offer an open system where cables are securely attached to the mesh, minimizing issues like condensation, moisture, and bacterial growth compared to closed trays.

In different industries, Hermi KPM mesh cable trays simplify cable management without requiring cuts or openings, particularly when connecting industrial lines or machinery.

In Hermi City, architects and project managers integrated Hermi KPM mesh cable trays into a food industry facility.

  • Stainless steel or (hot) galvanized sheet metal.
  • U-shaped or G-shaped.
  • Easy and fast establishment of industrial lines.
  • Easy passage and exit of cables in and out the cable tray without cutting or making openings.
  • Easy interconnecting, making elbows and branches.
  • Dirt does not accumulate in the cable tray as it falls through.
  • Easier cleaning.
  • Wall or ceiling mounting.
  • Attachment to suitable connecting and load-bearing elements with or without screwing.
  • Powder coating in colours according to the RAL scale possible.
  • Available in different dimensions.


Food industry, wood industry, for industrial lines (between machines)...


Use the Hermi NKP-SNTM and NKP-NKM wall brackets to mount the mesh cable trays on the wall. Quick and easy ... and all without screwing the trays to the wall bracket!

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