Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays

Hermi Fast Klick® Cable Trays

In Hermi City and its outskirts, you will discover large industrial plants, warehouses, shopping malls with covered parking, skyscrapers, a hospital, and ground-mounted solar power plants.

Performing complex installations with a significant number of cable pathways is a time-consuming task. This process typically entails working at heights using scaffolding or cranes and installing in proximity to walls or ceilings. The assembly and insertion of bolts contribute to increased complexity and time consumption.

In the warehouse of the new production facility, the installers opted for Hermi Fast Klick® cable trays due to their user-friendly design, boltless interconnection system, and efficiency in reducing installation time.

Consequently, they reliably connected the cable trays, resulting in cost savings.

  • Innovative connection technology
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Boltless connection
  • No special tools needed
  • Available in different dimensions and materials
  • Compatible with type-based load-bearing and other connecting elements
  • In compliance with EN 61537


There are almost no limits! However, the most substantial time and financial savings are realized in industrial construction, shopping centres, apartment blocks, covered car parks, large ground-mounted power plants, and similar contexts.


In a two-story industrial building measuring 50 m x 60 m, around 2,500 m of cable trays have been installed for the distribution of electrical cabling. By opting for Hermi Fast Klick® cable trays, which eliminate the need for nuts and bolts, you can save over 10,000 bolts!

Experience the simplicity and speed of using Hermi Fast Klick. Check it out HERE.

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