Sports Scholarships 2022/2023

We awarded six Hermi Sports Scholarships during the school year 2022/2023.

The recipients of these scholarships are triathlete Sara Navodnik, cross-country skier Julija Hitrec, cyclist Sven Aleksander Mernik, alpine skier Nik Sovinc, and touring skier, mountain runner, and athlete Maj Pritržnik. Additionally, figure skater Lana Škalički received a scholarship as the winner of the #mojprviposel project organized by the Proelium sports agency.

As a former top athlete and Olympic alpine skier, the company's CEO and owner, Miran Rauter, has a deep understanding of the challenges, emotions, and mentality that athletes face. He believes that »on the one hand, it takes tremendous will and sacrifice, but on the other hand, it is a constant battle – not only with external factors and competition but also with internal, personal challenges and doubts. There are bad days or difficult moments, but the most important thing is to persevere«.«

Sven Mernik


Sven joined the Slovenian national team for the prestigious Eroica Juniores, one of the highest-ranking cycling races for juniors. In the team chronometer, they performed brilliantly, securing a perfect 8th place among the strongest teams. Continuing in the Slovenian Cup, Sven competed in the Komenda Grand Prix, achieving a commendable 10th position. His talent truly shone in the national championship criterium, where he achieved an 8th-place finish.

In late June, he displayed his strength in the national championships, securing a notable 6th place in the Pokljuka chronometer and an impressive 11th place in the Radovljica road race. Despite facing injuries and falls throughout the year, Sven's perseverance and hard work paid off.

Sara Navodnik


Sara's dedication and hard work paid off during the school year. In the National Aquathlon Championships (consisting of 2500 m of running, 1000 m of swimming, and another 2500 m of running) in April, she dominated and won the senior junior category and claimed the overall victory in the women's competition. Then, at the World Championships in Ibiza in May, she displayed her talent with an excellent 8th-place finish in the junior category.

Maj Pritržnik

ski touring, mountain running, athletics

At a young age, touring skier Maj is already making waves in the adult category. He achieved a remarkable 3rd place in the national climbing championships and an impressive 5th place in the junior sprint event at the World Championships in Spain. In his ski touring World Cup debut, he secured a respectable 59th position. Recognizing his potential, the Alpine Ski Association of Slovenia awarded him for his outstanding achievements for the year 2022.

Julija Hitrec

cross-country skiing

This season, Julija has showcased her skills in cross-country skiing by competing in both national and international events, excelling in both classical and skate techniques. Her hard work and dedication have paid off, as she achieved an impressive 11th place overall in the rankings. With the winter season now behind her, Julija is gearing up for the summer competitions and diligently working to stay in top shape for the upcoming winter season.

Nik Sovinc

alpine skiing

For Nik Sovinc, the season kicked off with remarkable achievements at regional competitions, paving the way for national level. Notably, at the FIS children's competition in Italy (Alpe Cimbra - Topolino), Nik represented Slovenia and secured a brilliant 3rd place in the mixed team event. Ending the season on a high note, he clinched an impressive overall 2nd place in the Argeta Junior Cup.

Lana Škalički

figure skating

Despite the scorching heat outside, Lana is already eagerly preparing for what she loves most – winter! In the past season, this determined teenager achieved a remarkable series of successes in both national and international competitions. As the icing on the cake, Lana received the prestigious title of Young Sportswoman of the Year 2022/2023, awarded by Celje Sports Federation (Športna zveza Celje) and the Municipality of Celje (Mestna občina Celje).

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