Hermi Serbia moves to a new address with larger warehouse and office space

Hermi Serbia moves to a new address with larger warehouse and office space

Company Hermi neprimetni gromobrani, d.o.o., a Serbian subsidiary of Hermi, has relocated to a new facility in the Zemun municipality of Belgrade. This location in Belgrade provides easy access to both the main road and the highway to Novi Sad or Zagreb, ensuring seamless connectivity for all our customers and partners.

Our new building is designed to meet modern, high standards, creating an optimal environment for both our employees and visitors. In front of the building, we have enough parking space for customers and convenient access for trucks, enhancing the efficiency of our logistics operations.

One of the significant upgrades in our new location is the implementation of iWare, a state-of-the-art information system designed to optimize warehouse operations and ensure complete traceability. This advanced system allows us to streamline our processes, improve inventory management, and provide better service to our clients.

With almost 1,000 square meters of warehouse and office space, we have more than tripled our storage capacity. This expansion enables us to stock a broader range of products and respond more swiftly to customer needs.

Our dedicated team of 8 employees is ready to assist you with all your commercial and technical needs, offering expert advice and solutions tailored to your requirements. We remain committed to providing high-quality Hermi solutions in the fields of lightning and surge protection, cable management and mounting systems for solar power plants.

We look forward to meeting you at our new location.

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