Hermi has awarded sports scholarships for the year 2022

Hermi has awarded sports scholarships for the year 2022

The company Hermi has awarded sports scholarships for the year 2022. From the 22 applications received, the expert jury selected 3 young people who will receive a total of six thousand euros to continue their sports activities. The scholarships will be awarded to a skier Ula Omerzu from Celje, a triathlete Sara Navodnik from Velenje and a basketball player Vid Borišek from Velenje.

The company Hermi – a European manufacturer of lightning and surge protection, cable trays and ladders and mounting systems for solar power plants – has been supporting high school and university students in their careers for more than 15 years and ensuring immediate employment after their graduation. This year, we decided to support young aspiring athletes in realizing their potential.

The Hermi Sports Scholarship tender was opened for promising athletes who attend either high school or university, are not older than 21 years and can successfully coordinate their sports activities with school obligations. Due to the social connections in local communities and for achieving greater local recognition, athletes from the Savinjska and Šaleška valleys had the advantage in the selection.

The tender was opened for a month, during which time 22 athletes applied. Even though we initially intended to award one scholarship through this tender, we subsequently decided to award three scholarships. The first scholarship went to a fifteen-year-old Ula Omerzu from Celje. She is showing outstanding performance in domestic and international skiing competitions in her category. She has already won slalom and giant slalom medals at some of the most renowned youth skiing competitions. Ula Omerzu is also a member of the Slovenian alpine skiing team in the U16 category. The second scholarship receiver is a sixteen-year-old Sara Navodnik from Velenje. She combines her unique physical abilities of swimming, running and cycling to compete in the triathlons. In addition to triathlon medals, she also competes in individual disciplines.

The third athlete to gain financial support is a sixteen-year-old basketball player Vid Borišek from Velenje. He is a member of the cadet, youth and adult section of the Hopsi Polzela basketball team. He is also a member of the national representative team in the U16 category.

It is a great challenge and sometimes also an obstacle for athletes to coordinate sports, school and other obligations as well as providing financial resources and support. Years and years of training, registration and entry fees for competitions, appropriate sports equipment and other activities require exceptional physical and mental strength and, in addition, are often an insurmountable financial burden for young people and their parents. The current owner and director of the company Miran Rauter, a former member of the Slovenian National Alpine Skiing Teams, multiple FIS Alpine Ski World Cup race winner, multiple student world champion and participant of the 1994 Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, is well aware of this.

The awarded financial resources are non-transferable and non-refundable. The recipients are subsequently not obliged to be employed by the company. The funds are for purchasing equipment or clothing, financing of entry fees or covering other costs.

In addition to intern and sports scholarships, the company sponsors various associations, societies and institutions that support the development of the industry or, through their activities and achievements, give the Hermi brand added value and reputation.

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