Imperceptible lightning protection

Imperceptible lightning protection

Technical help

Does your building need a lightning protection?

Considering the lightning protection of the house triggers a frequent question: Is the lightning protection system even needed? Unfortunately, the answer to this is not so easy.

A storm above the houses

The answer to this question is the project of a lightning installation made by an electrical project manager. In accordance with the applicable standard for lightning protection, he calculates the risk of the building. Based on the result, the required level of protection is determined, regarding actual lightning installation.

Full lightning protection

Important data on the threat of the building, the need for lightning protection installation on the building is the number of strikes shot in the area where the building is located. It is also necessary to take into account the location of the building, or other objects between which the building is located. It is logical that the building located at the top of the hill and with no other buildings or trees in the vicinity is far more endangered than a building located between the high apartment buildings in the center of the city.

House on fire

Also a threat to the building or the need for protection against lightning strike depends on the materials from which the object is built. Object with a metal roof is more threatened against the same object covered with a brick roof. The equipment of the building as well as its purpose is important. Objects that are of a high importance level must be better protected, which means that they must have better lightning protection than other objects. From all of the described factors, which are usually presented in numbers, the designer then determines the required lightning protection system on our building.

In addition to all the above, the answer to the question from the title is often also the price and appearance of the lightning protection. These two factors were once not in favor of lightning installations, but this is no longer valid today. The price of a modern lightning protection is considerably lower, mainly due to easier and faster installation, since the fasteners are adapted to individual roof covers and the fixing of the conductors is free of screwing. Also, modern materials for the lightning installations are better, mainly copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

An example of a lightning on the house

Due to better materials, round conductors, fasteners adapted for individual roofings and facades, the look of the lightning system is no longer so prominent and does not disrupt the overall appearance of the building, which also speaks in favor for the lightning installations.

Looks of a modern lightning installation

When deciding about the protection against the lightning on your building, all the above is certainly helpful, but the answer to the question whether the building needs lightning protection is given by electrical project manager and the owner of the building.