Surge protection

Equipotential bonding

  • Equipotential bonding of an installation parts of buildings, which are not interconnected.
  • Recommended installation is inside of the buildings, outdoors, in the damp rooms as well as in the subterraneous areas.
  • In case of origin of potential difference  between those parts, the high power gas discharge tube ignites and interconnects both parts for a transient time.
  • Typical value of internal resistance at startup of HGS100 is 0,001 ÷ 0,002 Ω.

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High power gas discharge tubes HGS100 AND HGS100 EB

For lightning protection equipotential bonding in accordance with IEC 61024-1 as well as for the use in IT – installations in accordance with IEC 60364-5-54.

High power gas discharge tube HGS100 Ex

For use in explosion hazards areas. It is intended for equipotential bonding of the installation parts of buildings or technological entities which are not interconnected operationaly.


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