Professional cooperation

Our product program and the Hermi brand are both protected. All our products are manufactured in accordance with European, international and national standards. They were successfully tested, and we obtained all necessary certification. The company was also awarded the SQ gold certificate and obtained expert evaluations by the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the Institute of Electricity and Energetics in Zagreb (Croatia), the Institute for Safety at work in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Faculty of Electrotechnics in Belgrade (Serbia), the Serbian Institute for Standardization, etc.

We cooperate with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, secondary school centres around Slovenia and Croatia where we carry out training of students in advanced years of study of electrical engineering and majoring in protection against lightning strikes.

We also cooperate with electrical installation designers when they experience difficulties; and they help us with our problems when they inform us about what they need. The company, as the lightning conductor equipment manufacturer, has to face new challenges brought about by the development of civil engineering. Global warming will cause even more lightning strikes and not less.