Hermi receives official recognition for initiating a sustainable business transformation

31. March 2021

Company Hermi is increasing its business competitiveness through sustainable strategic business transformation. European producer of lightning and surge protection received a recognition award from the Slovenian Business Development Agency (SPIRIT Slovenia, Public Agency) for its efforts and actions towards transforming its business strategies.

The goal of every sustainable company is sustainable economic growth by considering all the stakeholders and protecting the environment. Last year, the European producer of lightning and surge protection was included in the Sustainable Business Strategic Transformation Academy program (Akademija TPST) implemented by SPIRIT public agency. Company Hermi thoroughly overhauled existing ways of doing business and laid the foundations for sustainable business strategies and business models. According to the project manager Nina Saje, “Hermi will achieve higher added value, raise international competitiveness and create lasting visibility.”

The process involved setting new values and procedures that are the key to connecting the three dimensions of sustainable development – economy, society, and the environment. Hermi’s business decisions strive to minimize or eliminate the negative social, economic and environmental impacts while performing activities that create positive impact and added value.