Cable trays

HERMI Fast Joint

HERMI® Fast Joint is a novelty that has been developed for quicker connection of cable trays without using screws and tools, saving up to 40% of the time.

Fast Joint
  • without using screws
  • without using additional tools
  • saving up to 40% of installation time
  • for connection of type-based cable trays
  • for connection of cut cable trays
  • without additional equipotential connection of cable trays


Fast Joint - step 1

Put HERMI® Fast Joint element under the cable trays.

Fast Joint - step 2

Bend side parts of HERMI® Fast Joint element by cable tray sides.

Fast Joint - step 3

Bend upper part of HERMI® Fast Joint element into cable tray.

Fast Joint - step 4

Press upper part of HERMI® Fast Joint element by the cable tray side until it fits perfectly.

Fast Joint - step 5

Bend the locking tabs to ensure that the cable trays joint can not open.


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