About us

Company activity

  • Production, sales and installation of lightning protection equipment and surge protection under the company’s own brand name HERMI.
  • Production, sales and installation of cable tray systems and mounting systems under the company’s own brand name HERMI.
  • Professional advice on the means of protection against lightning.

Competitve advantage

  • Imperceptible lightning conductors – low, standard fasteners posts, which can be adapted to all kinds of roof coverings
  • Extraordinary adaptability – creative adaptation of the lightning protection equipment to the shape of a building
  • Quality of materials – lightning conductors made of long-lasting materials: staimnless steel, copper and aluminium
  • Safety guarantee – lightning conductors provide maximum protection against damage due to lightning strikes
  • Environmental solutions – our lightning conductors are ecologically irreproachable

Company information

Company Name: HERMI, d.o.o.
Headquarters: Trnoveljska cesta 15, 3000 Celje, Slovenia
Year founded: 2002
Legal predecessors: Herman Rauter s.p. 1985 – 1997, HERMI Rauter in ostali d.n.o. 1997 – 2002
Registration number: 1683306
Tax number: SI42726867
Email: info@hermi-solutions.com
Website: www.hermi-solutions.com
Director: Miran Rauter


Company Mission, Vision and Strategy

To fulfil our customer’s needs and wishes for high-quality lightning protection products by using our knowledge, year-long experience and innovative ideas. To use modern technology to develop and manufacture a lightning protection product program that sets new standards of the safety of an individual’s life and property.

We wish to continue developing our own brand through innovations and professional knowledge that we have obtained during thirty years of successful operation. We have achieved competitive advantage through developing comprehensive external and internal protection against lightning, thus the challenges that await us are mostly in the field of business internationalization. We wish to become the most recognized provider of external and internal lightning protection in the Adria region and to increase our market share in other European countries as well.

The company’s objectives and vision will be achieved through offering innovative products, competitive and comprehensive range of external and internal surge protection equipment, excellent technical support, efficiency and speed of execution, as well as ecologically irreproachable products. Our advantage is that we are in constant contact with developers and investors, who are aware of the importance of high-quality lightning protection equipment. In cooperation with external partners, but under our own brand name, we will expand our development strategies and establish new company branches in Europe, outside Slovenia.